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  • I have question, which is best way to do?

    Let say i have 100 tiles, is it best to put the tiles in frames or as a single sprite object?

    frames like, frame 0 is a water tile, frame 1 is a grass tile, etc.

    single sprite object like 100 different objects, one object is a water tile another one is a grass tile, etc.

    It best to put tiles in frames? to avoid having many objects.

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  • Have you tried using the tilemap object? Honestly, this would be the best/easiest way to use tiles.

    If there is a reason that you can't use the tilemap object, it would be easier to have each tile as individual objects but that will quickly grow your project, making it unmanageable with lot's of tiles.

  • Can't use tilemap object, my maps are isometric.

    Its almost near a 1000 tiles.

  • Then I would suggest keeping the tiles as separate objects. If you place them all in a single object, it will be more work and harder to fix. To organize the tiles, I would place them all into subfolders organized either by type or location (i.e. grass in one subfolder water in another or tiles for forest zones in one subfolder and mountains in another). Also, I would suggest you build yourself a level designer. It will make a world of difference designing your levels.

  • Oh i thought putting them in a single object would be easier.

    So it best to organize the tiles and place them into subfolders by location. My game has 7 continents, so I should make one object call it Tiles Continent 1, another object Tiles Continent 2.

    Thanks :)

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