Tilemaps and Tiled backgrounds

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  • I know Tilemaps are newer and more useful for top-down shooters and/or Mario/Megaman styled platformers but I think that tilemaps render tiled backgrounds obsolete in some ways I think, mainly because tilemaps can do the same thing that tiled backgrounds can do.

    Where would be situations where tiled backgrounds prove more useful then tilemaps? with good enough tile maps you could do HD games like Sonic 4, granted games like Rayman Origins and Legend probably can't be done with a tilemap but still, I think tilemaps make tiled backgrounds obsolete in some ways, just my 2 cents tough.

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  • Tilemaps and tiled backgrounds are completely different and are used for completely different things..

    It's like saying now that we have airplanes, why would we need cars anymore..

  • Tiled backgrounds are more convenient to use in non tiledbased games (repeating textures can still be used in those kind of games).

    Not the same tool, not the same use.

    Also tiledbackground renders faster than tilemap in seamless mode

  • Also tiledbackground renders faster than tilemap in seamless mode

    So presuming I have to make a 2D Mario level (which consists of tiles) tiled backgrounds are better to use then tilemaps? since they load faster? or in that case it's better to use tilemaps?

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