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  • Hi

    Can someone explain me the difference between using a tilemap vs using a sprite with different frames.

    What is the better way (ie. for a platform game)?


  • Tilemaps are a lot faster, because they are specifically optimised for tiled rendering. Using lots of sprites will be slower. You also have better editing tools for tilemaps in the editor.

  • Tiles, and tiled bg for the bulk of it, backgrounds, large inanimate things like walls, etc.

    Sprites for moving, and or animated objects.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Ok, nice post well splained

  • I replaced 2 big sprites ( 512x128 ) by 1 tile_map 128x128 and 1 tile_map 256x256 . After build with Cocoon. My fps build using Tile_map is about 30-43 fps , slower than using 2 big sprites about 50-60 fps ...

    Do I need some tricks to use Tilemap ? Tilemap build should faster than using bigger sprites ...

  • Yup, same problem here... everyone saying, tile map is the best, tile map is optimized... stuff n stuff. Ram, cpu, imagememoryusage, collision check, and collision per tick are yelling otherwise. Every time I test, one layout static sprites and tiled background VS tiled map... tiled map never win.... dont understand

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  • I found the problems.It is indicated in somewhere in Forum. Tilemaps read the repeatedly tiles, and counted those as one sprite. If tiles are different, they counted as diffirrent sprites. That's why it's not flexible, more works than tile-background+sprites, and sometimes really heavy because of mistake of placing tiles (make it counted as hundreds of sprites ).

    Could someone give an example to make it easier please ?

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