How do I use Tilemap and a tileset accross different layers?

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  • How do I use Tilemap and a tileset accross different layers?

    It seems like a Tilemap object is bound to one tileset, so if I want like 5 layers, I have to use 5 times the same tileset? Isn't that performance killer?

  • I have just come across the same problem as RootKernel here. It would be nice to have a property where we can set the tile uid so we don't have to have multiples of the same tile map.

    I have also noticed some really funky behavior in the latest stable and beta versions of C2, where I start painting on Layer 1 and after i change to layer 2 some of the tiles have been painted on the layer 2 ( rather than layer 1)... I hope that makes sense??

  • KarnageT You have to select which tilemap to draw on using the "pointer" tool (normal layout view selection). It can be cumbersome when tilemaps overlap each other. You have to lock/hide all the layers except the one on which the tilemap you want to edit is on, otherwise it'll select the top-most tilemap.

    RootKernel Multiple instances of the same tilemap won't duplicate the tileset in-memory, so no, it shouldn't be an issue performance wise.

  • Hi Magistross

    Just playing around, what about several Tilemaps with the same Tileset? (sounds stupid but I just want to know )

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  • I know about them not using more space after export, but I don't know about the memory usage at runtime, I'd have to do some profiling. However, unless your tileset is huge, I don't see how it could become a problem.

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