Use tilemap or tiled_backgroud for a 2D Zelda game

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  • Hello

    I am trying to create a game like 'Zelda - a Link to the past' and I am don't know which way is better.

    Create the scenarios using a non-solid tilemap and placing all the little tiles to create/"paint" the world and then using some tiled_background to create the solid objects (like stones, vases, signposts, walls, etc) ?


    Create the world using only tiled_backgrounds, some solids, and some non-solid ?

    The tilemap aprouch seens easier to me... just choose the tile and paint it all over the layout. Idk.

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  • you could also use two tilemaps, one with and one without the solid behaviour..

    In my opinion this would be the best way if no other interaction with the solid objects is necessary..

    If interaction is necessary, using sprites would probably give more freedom..

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