Tilemap objects slowing down my game

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  • Hi all,

    As placeholders I was using Tiled Backgrounds to design the "floors" of my top-down shooter. I have recently re-designed my "floors" using a tilemap object (400px by 320px sliced into 16x16) with no Behaviours. This first tilemap covers the ENTIRE layout as it is functioning as a replacement for the tiled backgrounds. I also have a second tilemap of the same resolution and slice (16x16) on top of the other tilemap, used for detailing (placing items in rooms, for example).

    Now whenever I load my game on Android I've lost about 20FPS. I've tried various troubleshooting guides / best practices with Tilemaps from the forums / help pages, but to no avail.

    My only option seems to be re-creating 5-10 backgrounds, and having many individual sprites, to cover having some basic detail to my levels. Surely it isn't meant to be this way?

  • I can get my 50-60 FPS back by simply deleting the tilemaps *

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  • Same problem here, can't find answers... Think that its good for graphic memory usage when having complex tiles, but worthless for any collision testing. And even so...

  • In order for this to be properly investigated, post a simple .capx that highlights the problem and we can then test it on our systems.

    Otherwise, it could just as easily be a mistake in the way you are using the Tilemap object or in your Events somewhere.

    If we can corroborate your findings, then it would be a good idea to post a full bug report for Ashley to investigate.

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