Tilemap not covering entire screen

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  • Hello,

    I have two tile maps I am using. One is 64 x 64 and works fine. But the next is 70 x 70 (Kenney Assets) and when I try and use the 70 x 70 ones I cannot place the tile half on the play area and half off.

    But the 64 x 64 I could.

    Any ideas?

  • Hello,

    So if i understood right you want to fill the Tiles the entire Layout Size but your problem is that that you cant fill out the whole layout cause they would be just half on the layout. So if thats your problem you must change the Layout size to something that you can divide with 70 like 700*1400 or 1400*700. You could change the window size like this too. The secound possibility is that you open the tilemap in for example inkscape and set the export size to Tiles in the widht * 64 and the Tiles in the height * 64. For example the widht to 4*64 and the height to 10*64.

    I hope i helped you.


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  • I found that I needed to increase the size of the tile_layer if that makes any sense. I am good now. Thanks for the suggestion

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