How to tilemap with multiple layers?

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  • I figured out how to tilemap easily enough but I can't seem to get objects to overlap properly.

    Note, I have reviewed many articles and none of them seem to describe in detail how to accomplish my task.

    What I have...

    • Two Layers
    • One TileMap

    I've provided a picture demonstrating my problem. The bear rug on the right is placed on a layer(objects) separate from the background(terrain). You will notice that the transparent parts are cutting through the terrain layer rather than actually being transparent.

    The bear rug on the left is the desired result.


    Creating two tilemaps does the trick, kind of. You have to change the zOrder of each tileset to the appropriate setting. However, in the free version you cannot do this. Excellent.

  • Do you have a transparent background on the rug image?

  • One way I have seen others use is to have two TileMap objects that are the same size, one on top of the other. Then background objects go in the one behind, and foreground objects (like your bearskin rug go in the tilemap on top.

    You can also use this method for making some objects solid, and others not (by making the one tilemap have the solid behavior but not the other).

  • The background is transparent, it's a PNG file.

    AllanR, how would I adjust the zOrder on objects? I thought that's what Layers were?

    Edit* Nevermind, I understand what you are saying. I just misread it the first time.

    What is the point of layers then?

  • well, layers let you do lots of other useful things - like apply effects to one layer but not others, or do things like parallax scrolling, or to keep objects organized (once you have a layer set up the way you want you can then lock the layer to make working in the layout editor easier)... you might want to zoom in and out on main layers, but not the layer that displays score / lives / other interface things...

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  • I see. Well, I did like the simplistic idea behind Construct but the free version is a little too limited so I didn't get very far in my project. It's too bad, the personal use license is affordable but I'm not going to buy something I can't even trial well. Sadly, I had to uninstall. I do appreciate your time though.

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