How do I do tilemap based collision with custom movement?

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  • (I just moved this from Construct 3 help section, I didn't even know that was a thing.)

    Hi there, I was having a tough time with this one, it stumped me.

    so far I have a little game that uses ASCII characters for the tileset.

    I was using 8 way movement for the longest time, then I decided I wanted it to be where in the direction you push it moves the player 8 pixels in that direction.

    the problem here is I no longer collide with the objects since I'm not using 8 way movement anymore and instead are using custom events for movement. here are my events.

    here are my tilemaps.

    (I use 2 one is for background [TILEMAP] and the other is solid [COLMAP] )

    I have tried a multitude of things, but none have worked.

    Thank you for taking time to read this, thanks in advance.


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