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    I have a tiled background representing the ground, it has the solid behaivor so the player stands on it, the problem is that the background has some transparency on top of it because it has grass and plants, I need the player to stand a little below where the background is, so it looks like it stands on the grass and not flying above it.

    <img src="http://www.znelarts.com/cosas/Untitled-1.png" border="0" />

    You can see how the blue box represents the image of the tiledBackground, it needs to have transparency to have the gras grow above it.

    I thought I could do this defining an offset for the tiledBackground, but I cant find it.

    Any help?

  • Only thing that I could do is changing collision polygon from character's sprite (cut it a bit from the bottom)

    Or you may create tiled bg without any behaviours and make an invsible "actual" ground on it with solid behavior...

  • or you could edit the image and set the purple part alpha to 0 so it would be transparent and changing the collision polygon like magic tofu said.

  • Since you can't change the collision polygon for tiled background objects, a solution would be to use a separate invisible object for collisions.

  • Thank you for your help, I ended using another object as an actual ground, the tiledBGImage has no behaivors.

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  • That's right, a tiledBackground is just meant to be a background w/out interaction.

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