How do I tiled background and optimisation ???

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  • in order to optimize at maximum my game (optimisation about cpu usage , fsp and memory) i decide to rebuild my game from begining and optimize every thing even if it is small

    trying to understand use of tiled background i have question ...

    for example to use the paused black screen ( black screen with opacity of 50 ... just and exemple)

    what is better for cpu usage and memory

    in a layout of 500x500

    1-use simple sprite object with black tile (for exemple 50x50) and resize it to 500x500

    2- use tiled background (with pasted black tile 50x50) and resize it to 500x500

    3-use tiled background (with pasted tile 5x5) and resize it to 500x500

    thanks in advance

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  • You probably won't see any difference in that.

  • i'm developping in mobile ...

  • Same.

    But if you have to choose between 50x50 and 5x5 than better choose between 8x8 and 64x64.


    Question. On what kind of mobile are you testing this?

  • iphone 4 ... because its the cheapest ... and every one can buy it ... specially young person

  • iphone 4 ... because its the cheapest ... and every one can buy it ... specially young person

    Better aim for iphone 4s and newer, i tried to do my best to optimize my games for 4, but even the easiest games are working with 25-30 fps. And iphone 4 will not get the ios 8 update, because this device is no longer supported by apple, so that's why im not recommend you to aim for 4.

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