Tile Mapping and Top down isometric games

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  • Is it possible to make a top down isometric game using the tile mapping to make the levels or am I going to have to make each sprite and stack them next to each other?

    Currently I tried doing it with tile mapping but I have issues when i do the right and left walls, the top and bottom are fine since the image is a square, but my side images are made up of multiple lines







    Since my sides are at a slant they have white spaces next to them so when i try to set them side by side using a tile map i get the white edges still.

    If I make them different sprites I can set them next to each other just fine, but I have a lot of sprites I will have to make then and it will slow my game down.

  • The built in tilemap object is for straight grids only I'm afraid.

    There might be plugins to handle isometric tilemaps.

    Otherwise, isometric tilemaps are rather well documented online and it should be a small commitment to recreate a custom isomentric tilemap system with arrays and positioning the tiles via events. This way you can even do your level design in a spreadsheet and import that as a .csv project file to keep things flexible.

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  • What I was thinking, just wanted to make sure thanks.

  • rexrainbow has done some great work in this field already -- check out the following plugin:

    I've asked him to add a "DrawTile" feature to actually draw the iso-maps to the screen, but I haven't heard back in a while...


  • remy-jay

    It does not in my current schedule, sorry. I still have some plugins in my tasks queue.

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