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  • Trying to create a tile based game.

    When the user clicks a blank tile (one of many on the board) they need to be able to input a text for that tile (ie. "zebra").

    I then need that word to spawn a "zebra" tile in the blank tile's place.

    Down the road I also need to assign points for similarities with adjacent tiles. (Ex. "zebra" has traits A, B, and C. The tile next to it, "horse," has traits A, D, and C. Since 2 of those match, I need to equate that to two points.)

    So far, I really just have the dialog box appearing when a blank tile is clicked. I'm completely new to this, and have no idea how to carry out the rest of my desired functions. Any ideas (described in the most clear way possible - and assuming I know nothing) would be much appreciated.

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  • dl.dropbox.com/s/8scrwaosr4g36mi/test.capx

    what I have now. I'm sure I'm going about things in very indirect ways, just sort of testing things out, but it's working for the most part.

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