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  • Hi all

    I'm making a retro top-down dungeon romp. I've noticed it feels a bit finicky trying to place all my tiles down and wondered if I'm doing it wrong? Here's what I do for "tiling":

    1. Create one sprite per unique tile
    2. Use ctrl-drag to clone it
    3. Use grid snapping for accurate placement

    It really doesn't feel intuitive compared to for e.g. RPG Maker.

    Is there an easier way? Anyone got tips?

  • If your creating a set "map" then there are still better ways of doing this,one instance repeated would be better than what could end up being 100's of clone tiles...

    look into arrays to store the values (ie which tile types are placed where).

    another way would be one tile sprite with different "tile types" being added as animation frames...

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  • Sorry I don't mean I'm literally cloning the same texture - ctrl+drag makes another instance of a texture. So I'm not creating 100's of extra objects in memory or anything. My concern was more from a GUI point of view, it's hard to "draw" my tile based map like this.

  • silkc2 there are plans for tile mapping improvements. Just not sure which build they will end up in, but the team has expressed that they are working on a tile mapping system.

  • Ah ok so for now I am not being silly, this is the current way it's done? Just wanted clarification so thank you. :)

  • Sorry I misunderstood,what you meant.

  • silkc2 correct, drag and drop to create the levels, or use one of the array based methods that are floating around on the forums. You will also get quickly frustrated if you have multiple similar levels and just want to clone one as a base to use in multiple layouts... currently not a nice option for doing that...

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