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  • Hello everyone! Im having a bit trouble to adjust the collisions for my hero. If i make the collision box smaller, he happens to overlap the tiles from side. The opposite - when i make the box larger, he stands in air when going from a platform. The hero sprite has his legs thiner than his torso which causes these problems. Is there any way to overcome this without actually redraw him and lose his unique look? :/

  • Double click on the character object, select 'Set Collision Polygon' on the bottom left bar. You can then adjust the collision on the outside of the character. Right click on a node and 'Add Point' to add in more vertices then you can create collision that is more in line with the shape of the character (at the moment I assume it is just a box)

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  • Plinkie i tried to add points to have the colision shape very closely to the actual sprite but the problem then is, when he jumps he get stuck sometimes in the middle of a platform:/. The platform collisions are box-like shaped so just 90degrer angles so this shouldnt cause him to hang:/

  • Could not really say without the .capx but I would stay away from creating sharp edges, make sure the collision is correctly lined up. Also make sure the collision is correct on the platforms you're standing on

  • Create a separate box/rectangle object to handle movements & collisions. The player sprites should be purely cosmetic.

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