How do I make a Thunderstorm Effect?

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  • Hi all.

    I'm looking for an awesome Lightning or Thunderstorm Effect. I have a Rain Effect and need a blink or something like Thunderstorm Effect. Hope any1 can help me

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  • you could have a huge white sprite that covers the lightning area(+)

    set its visability invisible, also put it on a separate layer so that you can padlock it and it wont get in the way as you are designing. (it will have to be a high layer)

    give it a booleon. so when you enter the raining area (or don't if its always raining),

    as an event, have when the booleon is true, every x second (random(1,10)) make lightning sprite visible

    then have another event when it is visible, that either fades (its a behaviour) or just a 0.2 wait before it goes invisible again.

    also, sure Theres a 1 event way to do this.

  • depends on how complex you want your lightning. the 1 event solution is to have a lightning animation and just spawn sprites that plays the lightning animation... and thats all.

    animation is key word here.

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