How do I throw object faster?

  • I am trying to get my player to throw an object (grenade or bomb)

    I spawn the object and add physics force of 60 at 330 degrees which gives the perfect distance that I want the object to travel as shown here:

    My problem is it doesn't travel fast enough. If I add more force it moves faster but travels further which is what I don't want.

    How can I make it move faster without increasing the distance it travels?

  • Have you tried playing around with it's density (mass) value? Making it denser should allow you to apply more force thus making it fly faster yet still fall with same trajectory due to weight. I haven't tried it... just thinking of real world values.

  • Objects regardless of weight will fall at the same rate. Air resistance will make something like a feather fall slower, however the physics behavior doesn't do that.

    You can try both increasing the speed and the gravity in the behavior.

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  • Hmm I seemed to have forgotten Newton's theory.

    changing Gravity.. that was what I was trying to think of

  • Are you adding "force" or "impulse"? seems like impulse would be the right choice in this case.

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