How do I throw and object?

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  • Hey guys. Kinda new to construct, been reading some of the tutorials and getting a slight hang out it. I am working on a game just to kind of get used to the program and understand the functions of it. I am wanting to throw an object at another object instead of shooting it like a bullet, more of a drag and based on speed of movement from mouse or touching the screen it will project how far it will go. Would this be in the behavior that I am just missing? I tried using drag and drop but it moves it but does not project towards where I am sending it. Thanks Guys.

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  • Check out the Physics-Catapult Example project in C2. Create a new project and you should see it in the list of templates.

  • Also, I was wondering how I could set a limit on how many objects you get to throw. For example if I only want to allow 3 tosses and if you don't destroy them you lose. That would be a variable instance correct? Like if you wanted to give the monsters health and do a subtract 1 from the initial value of 5. So I was trying variable instance on the object with a initial value of 3 and then did a subtract 1 from that instance but it's not limiting the ammo.

  • Well you also need to do a compare to see if the variable is > 0 before you are able to launch.

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