Thoughts: Move character while on moving object?

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  • Hey everyone!

    Just needed to see if anyone else has tried this and has any suggestions on best way of attempting this:

    -Space game, you can fly the ship around through space but I want to be able to hit a button and the character can then get out of the pilot seat and move around the ship while still moving along with the ship (ship is still moving forward).

    I was testing with simply having the ship moving along with custom movement and setting it's speed like the custom movement example, but then the character sprite is updated every tick to be moving at the movement angle of the ship. During that every tick, if you are using wasd it will move the character another pixel in that direction also.

    This sort of works and I could add more to it but I was just hoping there might have been a better way of attempting something like this?

    Thanks for listening!

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  • I would do this as follows:

    The Spaceship does not really move. Everything around it moves, giving it the illusion of moving. If you than control the player there is no problem of aligning the player to the ship angle or anything like that.

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