how to do this.. PUSH/PULL OBJECT and GRASS/DUST/W

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    I've seen in this video the player can push the object.. how can I make


    and how about making the dust,water,grass when player running/hit from fall after jump?

    can anyone help me? I really want this style.. player can


    need help.. im new here... thankss <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Make an animation for each of the grass, dust and water effect and create a attribute for each of the ground. And then check collision with different grounds to spawn a corresponding effect.

    For push and pull,attach physics to both player and the box

  • about push:

    about the grass and these stuffs you can make it with 2 sprites 1 sprite has 3 frames for the grounds and 2nd one has 3 animations called :drop1,drop2,drop3 if player fall on sprtie1 frame1 create sprite two with animation : "drop"&sprite1.frame

    if you feel its complex make some variables.


    by the way.. Im still new in CONSTRUCT 2..

    can you make one sample about when I hit ground/ or jump, dust/grass/water will maks animation/splash...

    can you make one sample ... about dust?

    and also.. when my PLAYER run.. I want to make dust every step the PLAYER run or hit ground...

    I cant find it in tutorial ...

    I need your help....

  • this doesn't need a tutorial because its easy to do you can download it :

    (all copyrights from [Where's my water] and [])

  • YEAHHH... thanks a LOT.. now I can make it... yeah.. its easy to do it..

    bye the way.. thanks again.... it's easy to make it with construct 2.. I dont know how easy to make games with this construct ..

    and.. again.. my questions..

    how they animate that grass, and leaf drop from animate tree [leaf] ?

    I cant figure out how to make it..

  • have you checked my capx ?? o.o i made an animate sprites when i fall to the grounds so just change the animation to the frames you want...

  • yes.. now I understand how to use SPAWN with another...

    and... again, how can I make a switch button to open DOOR or turn

    on LIGHT?

  • ok to do this you need (sprite object with 2 frame([open door,close door])

    so these frames will be 0 and 1 put the speed of animation to 0 and put doors in the game so now the event:


         condition1:player:collision with door

         condition2:door: compare frame --> = 0

         action1 :door: change frame = 1

         action2 :door: solid disable


         condition1:player:collision with door

         condition2:door: compare frame --> = 1

         action1 :door: change frame = 0

         action2 :door: solid enable

  • thanks a lot.. I will try it..

    thanks for the fast reply about my questions..

    I've just found this CONSTRUCT last week.. so Im still new

    I have tried flash games and game maker, I used flash games and I just can make player jump and running left and right.. its so compilcated cause to may coding/script programing.. about game maker, I dont ever managed to make some game... its to hard to used game maker even it was a one of the easy game maker...

    Now I like CONSTRUCT 2 cause I managed to make player run, jump, fall, and to many .. thats was great software to make games..

    And I have try another OBJECT (enemy) to chase my PLAYER, but I dont know how to make it.. I wonder, when the player jump into object/wall, crouching and jump to other floor. How to make ENEMY chase the PLAYER?

    I mean, when the ENEMY hit the PLAYER, then the player was destroy/fail..

    sorry for my english language...

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  • I've try make the door same what you tell me.. but I dont know

    how to open it without switch... I want use one button when player collision with button and player can interact with switch, when press <enter> or what ever to activate the door open...

  • and to the events (when enter is pressed)

  • HOW to make press ENTER EVENT?

  • you really need to read manual, tutorials o.o its hard to learn everything from forum ... about press enter you need to insert object (keyboard in plugin tab) then you can make that even this thing is less than the basic you should knew it before you made account for scirra ^^

    so the condition is : keyboard: key is pressed --> enter put this condition on the 2 events... i hope you read the manual ^^ read the part you need it now (plugins,behaviors,objects,expressions,system,...)

  • thanks.. I'm still in reading the manual from basic... but now I can make games with your help too.. :)

    do you have any idea how to make games look like WRECKING CREW..?

    I just want to make PLAYER HIT some OBJECT and DESTROY that OBJECT.

    I have done it with collision and destroy object. Thats what I know,

    but still not good . I want look like WRECKING CREW hit the cement/bricks look like WRECKING CREW.

    Sorry for trouble questions..

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