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  • Hey! So, with the new LOS behavior I finally found a way to accomplish an old dream. But... well, look at the CAPX.

    This is pretty much the effect I always wanted to have, but I really need it to NOT look pixelated like this. I don't usually work with pixelart, so this is still pretty far from what I want... but Hey, it could come in handy for someone.

    Have a look. Maybe someone can help me work this out.

    Line of Sight as focus of Light

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  • Haha, this was the first thing I tried with the LOS plugin :P

    The thing is, you have to have smaller sprites if you want to avoid the blockiness, but then you'll probably kill performance. Chucking all of the sprites on their own layer and adding a layer effect of blur horizontal and vertical helps reduce the blockiness to some extent, but it's still pretty chunky.

    There's probably some fancy stuff that one could do with the canvas plugin, and using a lot of sprites as nodes to build a gigantic polygon, but that kind of stuff is a bit beyond me.

  • BUMP! D: Can anyone help ?

    Thanks Geometrix! The Idea of making it blurred actually helped a bit, more even if I set the angle of each square to the position of the mouse. But still pretty far... Maybe a plug-in would make it better ?

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