Make things shoot the proper bullet, the easy or hard way?

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  • Ok, to make things clear, I know how to make a cube fire circles of agonizing doom in a direction as well as to have the cube fire a lazor if I press the spacebar

    However what I'm doing at the moment is that the cube will not be alone, this lil cube will be accompanied by two other cubes of different colors which will all have different types of bullets and skills.

    The game, being one of the top-down view games where you control a ship in a straight direction while shooting down enemys and dodging their shots, will allow you to pick who is the leader (the one being controled by you) and who will be assisting next to the leader.

    By simply pulling the variable "Player" on the cube I can set the frame of the bullet, so red cube shoots a yellow ball, blue cube shoots a bigger purple ball, etc, all at their rates of fire as well since every stats of the bullet will be pulled out from variables in the cube.

    I want to know if what I'm doing is the correct thing, if changing the frame of the bullet to correspond the player type is ok or if i need to make bullets for everyone and do events to determine if the specific player is in a specific role. I've been doing it by myself so far but this is one thing I'm curious to see if I can do it in an easier way or not, because I do plan to implement temporary upgrades to make them shoot more bullets as you traditionally would in one of those ship games whenever you collected a power up.

    Here is the .capx file for those interested in seeing how it is so far, it's only my test file as everything else is being tuned up in my main file. (For instance, the cubes have to be angled in order to shoot up while in my main file I simply set the bullets angle the moment they fire it, I also have a character selection layout so I don't have to be changing variables all the time) ... Tests.capx

    Thank you in advance<3

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