How to make things right starting a new project

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  • Hello guys, Can you please help me to understand, which window size should I use in the project.

    My phone has 1280×720, so should I start a project with same size? - The question "why" is because, I want to work with 16:9 ratio and I want my Sprites looks sharp and clean and if my project for example is 640x360 (also 16:9) OR! What Construct give you with 16:9 project settings: 480x854 and I upload the image it will be much bigger in a project and then I should manually resize it so it will fit in the 480x854 or 640x360 project.

    If I create 1280×720 project, will it be heavier for the device hardware? Making sprites for such size is too much? How to do things right starting a new project?

    Guys, please help me to understand those basics, because it's the important base of the project.


  • What sort of game do you want to make?

  • I'm planning to make infinite side scrolling game(platformer) and to make an app like stopwatch for runners and statistics in there.

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  • bump?

    I'd also would like to know what's the optimal screen resolution and ratio for mobile games nowadays.

  • I have the same question, make a mark here.

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