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  • The game im making is the same one i've been doing for a while (I lost my USB so lost the game), it is a multi-player side scrolling game where the players have to jump and dodge multiple different objects while their score increase.

    Some of the issues i have run into when trying to finalize the game:

    1) i cant figure out how to get the player's score to stop after they have died, i wanted to create a game over screen that shows the player their score. when the player gets game over their characters sprite and hitbox are destroyed. I've tried stopping the variable from adding this core on but it just keeps increasing the number, following on from this, i assume that i'd just get the variable's information from the variable itself and then put this with the game over screen. Correct me if i'm wrong on that one please.

    2) Instead of making the game spawn a new sprite and having to create a lot of code to allow said sprite to target 2 different targets, i decided to create a turret, it spawns the bullets correctly as well as aims at the nearest target out of the 2 players, but then the bullet decides to just fly of the side of the screen as appose to firing at the nearest target. i have tried a few things but the only thing i got to work was when i set the bullets angle towards one of the players, this lead to only that player being targeted though, which is unfair in a 2 player game.

    3) following on from freezing the score after death, i want the multi-player version of the game to freeze the player that has lost and then after 5 seconds respawn the player that got hit and continue on with their score, if both players are hit at the same time then the game ends and it displays the scores and shows text to say who the winner is.

    4) This part i have started on and just want to confirm that i'm doing the right thing, i have created a sprite that serves as another object the player must evade, this sprite is meant to wander around the screen in a random seeming motion, i would create this with the sine behavior right?

    Sorry for the big post as i haven't had the game to work on for a while and thanks for reading, any help you can supply would be welcome

    (edit: helps if i remember to put something in the subject line)

  • Its hard to answer without seeing code. Upload CAPX and I will take a look for you.

  • You spoked a lot, please upload your CAPX and let us fix each of your issues one by one.

    The Game Over screen is another separted layer with it's proper eventsheet.

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  • Yees need CAPX to see where is fault

  • how would i go about uploading the CAPX?

  • Use the attach function, available when in Full Editor mode in the forum...

  • Here is the CAPX (if i did it right) and remember it is for personal use and i'm not planning on making money or anything like that because of the copyright infringements or whatever.

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