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  • Hi,

    I have added a Textbox to my project and set its "Type" property as Telephone, I also tried using "Type":Number but both these are behaving the same as "Type":Text. I am seeing no change in behaviour. What I really expected was that it would take only numeric input or number with dash for telephone.

    When type is set to Telephone I see that a scrollbar also gets added to the Textbox by default, could you please help resolve this... ?


  • You got a browser that supports html 5?

    If you see the buttons you call "scrollbar", I think yes.

    And yes the Textboxes should only accept numbers, telephon also "+".

    Here is a reference, scroll down until you find number and tlephone to see what they are doing. LINK

    If you dont like the arrows use the "set custum css" action in Construct 2 to change this ;) Informations about that

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  • Thanks Darklinki but I was expecting this to work out of box in C2 as it is already taking input for these properties.

    Setting them through CSS would be double work, not that I don't want to do it but I just wanted to know whether its supported and working in C2 out of box or not.


  • Setting the input type to 'tel' doesn't do anything in most browsers. It pops up the numeric input on some mobile devices but that's about it.

  • Thanks ramones, I wanted to write some validation for the telephone input like: Alphabets should not be keyed in. I used a workaround which seems to work, workaround was to take the text input in int(Textbox.text) which returns 0 if alphabets is inputted.

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