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  • So ive been trying to get a basic score system working and while in the debug menu it keeps track of the score no problem. I cant get any kindof text to show up on the screen. I dont know what im doing wrong but after 2 days of searching the internet and following tutorials with none of them working i decided to make this post.

    I am using the steam version of construct 2 if that makes any difference at all.

    Ive even downloaded other people's project that should have text working but when i go to test no text shows up for them at all making me believe its something on my end and not the program but i havent been able to find anything about this happening..

  • So what happens when you create a new project, add a text object to the layout where you can see it and then run it?

  • Nothing shows up at all just a blank screen.

  • Are you using internet explorer? First try using another browser.

  • Ive tried IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera

    None of them work.

  • None of them work at all for testing, or specifically for the text? I would assume text from your comment about testing other peoples' work... Sorry, I haven't heard of that happening, either.

  • did you try exporting to html5 and running it from a server as webpage instead of the live-preview (maybe that one is somehow bugged for you). Haven't heard of the problem before either. You could probably open a bug report in the bug section, maybe ashley can help.

  • Can you share an example of capx that doesn't work with you?

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  • I decided to export it and test it on my phone and that seems to work. I tried it as a webpage after exporting and i still had the same problem so currently the only way i can test to see if text works is to get it to run on my phone which is a bit of an annoyance but at least i can get somewhere now.

    MadSpy any of the example projects that come with construct 2 that have text already in them. For example the Ghost Shooter Rain Demo should have text when playing but it doesnt show up in any browser that i use.

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