Text Steadfastly Refuses to be Destroyed.

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  • All of these refuse to work. Text won't be destroyed.

    Click Button > Destroy Text

    Press Key > Destroy Text

    Click Text > Destroy Text

    Nothing else. I ran that code with nothing else on the event sheet. Every single time Text absolutely refuses to be destroyed.

    No other code whatsoever. Why would these be failing to work? Click Button > Destroy Text. What the f***? Yes, what the f***? How does this not work? Condition is Click Button, the action is Destroy Text. Same with Press Key and Click Text. One Condition, and one Action. Simple.

    Same thing has been happening with Trigger Once. Variable = 0 Trigger once Variable 2 -1. Even though it's trigger once, it keeps subtracting even though it says Only Once.

  • Destroy isn't working at all. Click Button1 > Destroy Button2

    Isn't working either.

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  • This doesn't make sense. Could you post your capx file?

  • That is the .CAPX. I even started a new project to test it.

    There is one line of code. Click Button1 > Destroy Button2

    Same for Press Key and Click Text. Click Button Press Key Click text any of those with either > Destroy or > Make Invisible isn't working.

    Variables arent working either. Changing a variable isn't causing stuff to happen. When a variable is changed, the game acts like the variable is still somewhat in effect. Or if a variable is changed, stuff connected to it gets destroyed.

  • I asked for your capx because all these destroy actions work fine for me (obviously). So there may be something wrong with your capx or C2 installation. If you share the capx that doesn't work, I can test if it works on my pc.

    Could you include all issues - with text and buttons not getting destroyed, variables not changing etc.

  • It could be Construct 2. Maybe when I updated it, it got messed up. When I downloaded the update, I selected Uninstall previous, that might have been what messed it up. Im gonna try a clean install, thank you

    It's not the ,capx because the Destroy wasn't working even in a fresh new project with nothing else in it. Besides Mouse, two buttons, and the one line of code. One Layout and the Event sheet for that one Layout. Even in a brand new project it wasn't working.

    Edit: I think I know what happened. I had two copies of Construct 2 installed. One in my Programs File, and another one in my Programs File(x86.)

    I cleared them both out and now i'm going to try.

    Edit 2: It didn't work. I deleted Construct 2 from both my Program Files folder and my Program Files(x86) folder. Brand new install of Construct 2 r250. Brand new project. and Destroy is still not working. With new everything. New install of Construct 2, only one this time in one spot, and a brand new project.

  • Post a .capx that gives you this problem so we can test it also.

    Never heard of this before, would like to see an example.

  • Here ya go. Here's a .capx with the problem. I just did button click destroy. Clicking the button with all "b's" should destroy the button with all "w's".

    Thanks for looking at this.

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M_o9c ... VkotZshMMk

    Even with a clean install and clean project its not working. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad"> Im testing in Chrome, could that be it?

  • It's not a bug

    Mouse events don't work with Button object, as most Keyboard events don't work with TextBox object.

    Instead of "Mouse->On object clicked" use "Button-> On clicked".

  • Whomp, whomp, whomp. Lol.

    I had no idea On left button click wouldn't work with a Button object. I'm guessing Left Button clicked is for stuff like Sprites? And that also means, for Keyboard, pressing a key won't make a TextBox vanish or get destroyed. I should have clarified, is the Text Object, not TextBox. The one that's just static text, and it worked!

    As you said, on Object Clicked works. So does Key press > Destroy Text Object.

    It's all working now whooooooh! Happy Panda

    Is there a way of telling what events work with what other events? Or is it like, trial and error (if that's the way, that's okay. But just wondering if theres a list or chart that shows what events are incompatible with other events, if there any others.)

  • All form controls objects (Button, TextBox, SliderBar etc.) are different from other C2 objects.

    They are rendered above all layers, they intercept mouse and keyboard events, they have issues with scaling etc. It looks like these objects are not "native" C2 objects, that's why I don't like using them in games.

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