Text size issue on certain computers

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  • Hey there,

    when I use the text object, the text doesn't show the same size when in Construct 2 and when testing it (in node-webkit or firefox).

    I thought of reporting it as a bug, but I tried it on another computer, and it showed just fine. Basically I have this issue only with my main computer, which is the one I work with. And it can be annoying when you want to know how big your text is gonna be on-screen when designing the game, to then realize it won't show the same size when playing the game.

    I tried adding an event setting the font size at start of layout, but that won't change anything.

    Anyone's been dealing with this before and knows what to do?

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  • Are you using the same browser and resolution on both computers?

  • I am testing it using node-webkit and firefox on both computers, but the screen resolutions are not the same (due to screen shapes/aspect ratio being different).

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