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  • I need to display text (or perhaps other content) in a scrolling fashion.

    My immediate need is for terms and conditions, at very least a textarea might do - but perhaps an iframe would suffice.

    I have seen the multiline text plugin floating around, not seen an iframe plugin though. Is there some other way to dump content in an object and allow scroll/drag/click events to maintain the contents X/Y inside a viewport like container?

    Any direction would be appreciated.

  • By default the text object is multiline (you can use the expression "newline").

    But the scrolling is up to you like in this capx.

    And you have an iframe custom plugin in the custom plugin/behavior list in the custom plugin forum.

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  • Thanks for your reply.

    I saw that iframe, however the plugin is 404'ing :(

    Any chance you have a copy ?

    I saw your textscroller capx - and have implemented it in my game. It does work (however scrollbars are in the design, and I expect the client will ask for a more fluent feel) .. I cant seem to find out why some characters or sentences are missing, perhaps some extended chars or something.

    Edit: Clear as day, double spaces and line feeds. Given the text (terms and conditions) is quite long, creating so many objects is probably not the best way to go.

  • Pode took over from this post around page 4.

  • Thanks for that, worked perfectly.

    Styles the iframe borders in the export / preview html and all good.

    Would be nice to have an export/preview html per project (or copied in at creation) for svn commit and team updates. (I see my borderless iframe, my colleagues do not).

    However I suppose the plugin could be upgraded to support these easily enough.

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