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  • Hi,

    I am having a great amount of work, trying to do a text scroll trick with a text box. Someone knows I simple trick to do this?


  • A quick example.

  • Hi Kyatric,

    Thanks for your suggestion, is a good option, mas how the text is put over everything in the screen, I can't mask it to scrolling the text in a window above something in the screen.

    In my option I am trying to find the "wrap" point in a text line to copy this line to a "one line text box", and the next wrapped line in a new "one line text box" and so...

    So that to scroll i need to interchange the content of the "one line text box"s.

    The big trouble is do the "text wrap" right.

  • The great way is if the text box inserts a mark when do the line change. So we can control how many of than will be presented in a textbox.

    When I insert a text who was externally "newline" formatted, I can do that, with the "tokenat(Text, Index, Separator)" expression.

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  • Hey, stakeholders

    I made some progress here, look at this code


    It's almost there.

    But I need to find someway to acess the instanciated lines objects from the last to the first one, to implement the "show next line" behavior.

    Please, somebody could help?


  • Hi,

    Excuse me to disturb, but I am in trouble here because I am doing a job with C2 and I need to use a text scrolling box system on it. After some research I resolved to do in this way:

    • first I copy all the text in a text object
    • second I divided the text in lines, and copied each one in a instance of a text object
    • in third I'm trying to move and show / hide the lines

    like you can see in this sample:

    Scrolling Sample

    I found a way to hide / show the lines when it goes in the up direction, but I can not do it in the down direction. Somebody have any idea to help me?

    Scrolling text

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