How to make the text scales with an value?

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  • Ay bois, this time i want to make an effect, that are in quite a lot of mobile games. It's to set the text to scale with an value.

    Like: Some games, when you finish a round, you'll earn coins and in the UI will show, amount of coins: XXX

    So, that amount will increase the text that is the current money of the player;

    like: If they play his first round and earn 300 gold, then, will be: The actual money: 0, the money earned on the round: 300. So, the current money of the play will increase 0 to 300 not instantly but, going from 1 to 1. Like, 0, 1, 2, 3, but, with the speed scaling to the amount of coins ( like, if he earned less coins, the speed while increasing will be slower than if he got 1000 coins ).

    So, my objective is to do exactly what i said in the example, increase the money scaling with the money gattered in the current round, with scaling speed ( a lot of coins earned = more speed than less coins earned )

    Below are an link for a video, and, if you see the XP, he will increase to the amount of XP earned and, with scalable speed.

    So, please, if you know how to solve it, tell me!


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  • It is not the same thing but this can give you an idea

  • It is not the same thing but this can give you an idea

    Thanks for the capx bro, gonna check it out!

  • It is not the same thing but this can give you an idea

    Just tested it out, and, thanks btw for it! It's an effect that i'm trying to do but, this capx gave to me an idea! And, sorry but, the real problem i'm having here is to make the text just to increase the value into an specific value ( i don't know how to tell it, but, you can see in the video after he dies, the XP bar will go to 0 to 59, and, i want to the make the effect that he goes 0,1,2,3,4 and etc with scalable speed ( higher the amout, higher the speed ) ).

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