How do I make text of the same object have seperate instance

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  • So, my problem is that my hit markers in my game show the amount of damage dealt to the mob, but when one changes text, they all change. Eg.

    (All of these numbers should be different and were different when they appeared until the next one appeared)

    I've set up the markers by using the following events and actions:

    (To make sure I have no text hanging off of the screen whilst still maintaining random marker locations)

    (How damage is calculated)

    (How I'm creating variety of damage)

    So basically, what I'm asking is how to make the hit markers keep the same damage that they were showing earlier, because they change every time I hit the Mob.



  • I don't see any event where you set the text..

  • I don't see any event where you set the text..

    Oh my gosh when you said that I was like "Wait... Oh yea!" and realized the problem... Thanks

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  • Developotato

    Why are you creating the Damage text off the layout and then immediately setting it to a random location in the same event?

    Why not just create it at the random location to begin with and just use one action instead of two?

    e.g. Create object Damage on layer 1 at (round(random(1,250)),round(random(80,300)))

    And if you follow that with Damage(Text)->Set text to Damage it should only set the text for that text object, but I'm guessing that's what you realized

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