How do I make text object look the same

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  • Hi guys. I'm doing an educational game where the students have to play a lot of activities. One of them is a multiple choice activity, and I'm finding it difficult to customise the text.

    I have a dark background, and I'd like the font to be a lighter colour. I find that I have to change each text object individually, which is a bit of a pain.

    Am I missing something? I know C2 isn't really geared towards word games, but i feel like I should just be able to set a CSS property and BAM, all text is the same.

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  • You can select all your text and change their property.

    As long as you only select the same kind of object you'll be able to modify an entire selection at the same time.

    It's easier if you them on the same layer and lock the other layers

    You then just have to Ctrl+A to select them all.

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