How do I make text be the same over multiplayer?

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  • I am making a game that is Would you Rather. In the multiplayer part, the game chooses a random player. But on each device it says a different player. How do I make it the same? I have another question, how do I make the text of the two buttons the same on each device? Each button has a question. Like WOULD YOU RATHER button 1: eat a fried dart frog? OR button 2:become a toilet? On each device, the buttons say something different.

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  • Either

    A: The host needs to pick the random player, and relay the player chosen to all peers.

    B: The peer triggering/picking the random player needs to relay to the host which player was chosen, and the host needs to relay that to the other peers.

    Your second question is the same. Make sure the host determines what is correct, then sync with peers.

    Make sure you actually walk through and DO the multiplayer tutorials, they will make your life a lot easier.

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