Text immediately collapses in Firefox, not others

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  • I am creating a number of text objects through an event upon game load.

    The text objects appear fine in both IE and Chrome, but in Firefox a strange issue occurs.

    In firefox, the text objects load and then most of them immediately collapse down to nothing just after loading.

    I have tried looking around the forums for a similar issue, but could not find any. There was mention of a text object being too small for the text perhaps, so I made my text object much larger and font smaller, but that did not solve the issue.

    Any advice on what direction I should look in to start troubleshooting this?

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  • Are the textboxes the only things affected ?

    Also, perhaps an idea to post a screenshot of the effect "collapses down to nothing"

  • lennaert

    Thank you for responding!

    The text objects *are* the only thing affected. Just to be clear, they are not text boxes, which I understand are a different element than text objects.

    I wish that I *could* post a screenshot -- I tried! But because of my forum n00b-ness I can not post any URLs.

    Do you know of any workaround? I have a tiny pic link

  • put a space in the link somewhere ;)

  • o, cool, thanks!

    The tinypic link is http:// i40.tinypic.com/308kyn6.jpg (space after http://)

    It's a simple matching game - match the text to the picture.

    The top part shows the game working properly, but bottom part is in Firefox, not working correctly.

    Now that I'm looking at the image, I wish I had a GIF of it, to show the motion that happens to the text as soon as it loads - when the game loads, it looks like the text animates from full size (as seen on top of this image) to 0 size (as seen in bottom of this image) in a blink of an eye.

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