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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm currently going through Udemy's class of creating games with construct 2 which by the way is pretty awesome. However, as I didn't receive an answer yet, I'd like to ask the pros here in this forum:

    I have created a pretty simple shooter to mimic my problem. Once my bullet in the shooter hits the enemy it should destroy both, bullet and enemy, and spawn a text object "+10" to refer to the points achieved with that "kill". But when I run the game from Construct2 it simply flips my text "+10" upside down and it moves in strange angles. Any ideas how to solve that problem? I have uploaded a capx file for demonstration purposes:


    Thanks in advance for your kind support.


  • okay there'st wo reasons why

    first, using the action 'object|spawn' instead of 'system|create' also automatically sets the angle of the spawned object to the same as the parent object, which is why they were angled to around 180 degrees.. the enemies are angled that way when they head towards the player.

    so instead of spawn use   

         >system | create object 'pointRise' on layer 0 at (enemy.x, enemy.y)

    secondly you've given each pointrise the 8direction behaviour, which means you are controlling all of them with the movement keys at the same time you are controlling your ship! so just delete that behaviour from pointrise

    one more thing, you should read the manual entry about DT or Delta time...

    basically any constant movement such as "every tick > move forward 3 pixels" or "move 5 pixels at angle 270" should be multiplied by DT to compensate for any frame rate jitter. (otherwise if the frame rate dips from 60 to 30, objects will move half the speed.. which is bad)

  • that was not only extremely helpful but also very informative (regarding the DT)and lightning fast.

    Thanks a lot!


  • That is a REALLY expensive course.

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  • That is a REALLY expensive course.

    It is indeed but I got it at a discounted rate for around $150 which is a good deal for the wealth of information (covers also Illustrator graphic design for games and creating music with FL Studio for games).

    But you're right, I wouldn't have paid those 300+ bucks.

  • Hello everyone,

    For those who might be interested, I just noticed that this Udemy course is currently on sale for 125$ (use code: 125). There is a total of 432 short lectures.

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