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  • Hi there,

    I have just put Text in my game and it won't appear on either of my iPhone's using Cocoonjs. It appears perfectly on the PC but nothing is rendered at all on the iPhone. I have done this on several builds of the game so cannot work out why it wont work at all.

    Everything else works well so this is a little disappointing :S.

    Thanks if you can help

  • Dear slw666, i used text plugin and it's work fine when tested in cocoonjs. Btw, text plugin's 'Set web font' action is not supported, and textbox too.

    Do you use a PC origin font or custom font ??

    If you use custom font, it's only work when you use cocoonjs cloud system and compile your project.

  • Thank you for your reply farsmile90. Could you tell me what font you used that you know works so I can try and use it too. Good to know the cloud system will let you use custom fonts :)

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  • I used font called "pixelsix10,ttf", and it's only show when i'm compiled. If i tested it using cocoonjs, the text font auto fallback to the origin font, and i think it's "arial", anyway, it's still appears on my mobile device, i tested on both Android and ipod touch, and i don't have a chance to test on iphone so i don't know if it's work or not.

    You should contact with ludei to solve a problem.

  • Hmm, nothing rendering with any font. I don't suppose you have a basic .capx file that is rendering fine on your devices you could send to me. It would be a pain if there is a problem with the iPhone 4 and 3gs.

  • Hello,

    They way of using fonts in CocoonJS is:

    a) Create a "fonts" folder in the root of your project (just beside the index.html file for example).

    b) Put your font files there.

    This approach does not work at the moment if you are accessing the app using the URL but it should work if you ZIP the project and upload it to the launcher.

    Hope it works.



  • Hi Iker,

    Thank you for your advice. It was actually a problem with an older version of CocoonJS. Since you released it on the App Store it has been behaving brilliantly.

    Kind regards,


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