Text box not working in IE11?

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  • Hi all,

    I released my Christmas game last night, and today I'm receiving reports that the high score table (or to be more precise the text box allowing you to enter your name) doesn't work on Internet Explorer.

    I've tested it and it seems to work fine in all browsers - including IE10 - but not IE11.

    The game is here - christmas.gmlnt.com.

    When you've lost all your lives you will see an "enter your name" text box, but you can't type anything under IE11.

    I assume this is a bug and needs posting in the bug forum, but as the game is out in the wild already I'm hoping somebody might have a quick fix for this, hence why I'm posting here. Otherwise I'll report it as a bug, but if anybody can help, that would be much appreciated! :)


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  • I am also having an issue with text boxes in IE11.

    They don't show up.

  • Check the Text property in the debugger. It might be an issue with this getting set correctly.

  • Are you loading text from an XML document by any chance?

    I've found that the XML object command XML.StringValue(".") returns an undefined in IE11.

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