How do I make a text to appear?

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  • Hey there,

    I have 2 different layouts in my game, and they have a flashing text appearing for 5 seconds.

    However, for some reason, they do not appear everytime I go to these layouts...

    Why and how do I fix it?

    Here is what I have:

    After I hit play in the first layout I go to the Introduction layout and...

    System >>> On Start of Layout >>>>>> Object (background graphic) >>>>> Spawn TEXT on layer 1, image point 2

    TEXT >>>>> Set text to "Stage " & Level (which is a global variable)

    TEXT >>>>> Flash: Flash 0.5 on, 0.5 off for 5.0 seconds

    System >>> Time > 5.0 seconds >>>>> TEXT >>>>> Flash: Stop flashing

    TEXT >>>>> Destroy

    The other layout giving me troubles has the same commands, with, obviously, a different background and a different text, so I do not need to re write it all.

    Also, the TEXT(s) have 2 behaviors: Destroy outside layout (so I don´t have a copy of the text somewhere else in the memory) and Flash

    Any help, here? Thanks!

  • The Time expression will count from the start of the game even if you die and restart or pause the game, The time will keep counting.

    You should use --- Wait 5 second then destroy.

  • What do you mean? where should I use that?

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  • Check this example :

  • Im installing v175 to check it, since it says you have used v174 and I have 173. I´ll let you know as soon as I have tried it

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