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  • Greetings, i have been trying to figure some things out all day to no avail and i have searched far and wide with the search option, So here i come to see if some people can help me.

    I want to create something like this,

    adarkroom.doublespeakgames - google it for an idea

    Now i will make a short list of what i am struggling with.

    Now i can make global variables for the Resources, But how can i get them to show and update in a text field, And possibly save too?

    So if i collect 50 wood it would update the global variable which would then update in the text field,(need to get it to show in a text field though, and can i have several variables showing in the same text field on a new line.

    Thankyou for your time

    p.s (i may be 22 but step by step instructions help alot)

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  • I would research Arrays, and the Dictionary plugins.


    To load and save look into the WebStorage


    Are you doing it 100% text input? If so you should look into Tokens and Regex in the tutorial section.

    I was a big fan of text adventure games back in the 1980's.

    Here are 3 of my all time favorites, some of the very first , and very best text adventure games. They are free games now, but I payed $30 a piece for them when they where new.


    Zork was an awesome series!

    here is a list of other infocom games:


    They are a great place to strt if you are looking for inspiration and a great story at the same time.

  • This is going to be more of a wierd text game :D as in city simultaion, town management, Expansion.

    here is what i have so far .dropbox.com/s/39bw2sylif1fump/So%20far.capx

    the part labaled resources is where i wanted the values of gold, wood to show etc, as i would gather etc.

    Arrays are confusing me i have been reading it for several hours and my head just goes gobbily gook after 5 minutes.

  • next Question, I managed to get the Global variables to show inside of the text box by using Set text to "Gold: " & GOLD on a text box

    It doesnt show as 0 So that a bummer but guess can start out someway, Well i will mess on with this for a while.

    Will be back if i get stuck

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