Testing over WiFi Performance?

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  • Hey guys. I have a question about the performance of testing games over wifi.

    I'm making a simple game, that uses 3 physics objects constantly in the screen.

    When I test it over WiFi, it get's kind of slow on my Smartphone Browser.

    I have an old smartphone model, with Android 2.3 I think.

    But what I want to know is:

    Is it normal that the game gets slower in testing over wifi? Will it be better if I export it using CocoonJS and etc, or it will have the same performance as testing over wifi?

    Sorry for my english, and thanks in advance!

  • Its not your wifi, its your old smartphone. Its the lack of cpu, ram, and all those wonderfull things that we take for granted on a pc. As for using CocoonJS it will be make it run even worse (depending) than your wifi.

    Old smartphones run out of memory and cpu and frame rate drops to nothing with the smallest/simplest of games and that is if you are lucky enough to actually get it to run.

    But good news is the new phones comming out can outperform some pc's lol.

    But, its not your wifi, that is 150mb/s or 300mb/s usually - I stream hd netflix movies over my wifi, it ain't the wifi, its the phone :)

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  • Oh, thanks for the reply! It's a good information. :)

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