Testing if number is odd or even

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  • Hi everyone im new to C2. I bought the personal edition a few days ago and im loving it. I have experience in html, javascript/ajax and php.. and what im asking is really simple but i cant figure out how to do it in C2.

    How can i do something like this:

    if(value%2 == 0){

    //something happens here


    //something else happens here


    Thanks in advance!

  • This probably isn't the most efficient way but you could test whether the integer of the number divided by 2 and than multiplied by 2 is equal to the number...

    if   int(n/2)*2 = n


  • You can do it exactly how you posted in your thread.

    use the System compare two values and use:

    First Value : VARIABLE % 2

    Comparision : = Equals to

    Second Value : 0

    and put in your actions for your even event.

    After this click on the Event you just created and hit X to add an ELSE statement

  • Actually, the % operator exists in the C2 syntax. Use the "Compare two values" from the System object, and an else statement after if need be.

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  • Thanks! Solved

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