How do I test webcam in a cell phone?

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  • Hi!

    I'm trying to test some app that uses a webcam. When i generate a website html5 app, it works either on mobile or desktop, but when i use the preview over lan i can't see the webcam.

    The problem is neither chrome for android nor android's default browser ask for permissions when camera is requested from an ip address -they ask for permissions when camera is requested from a full qualified domain uri.

    Dolphin asks for permissions-- but then it exits with error message.

    I can't test the camera when using the xdk, also -though xdk compiled app works.

    Does anyone know how to request for permissions, or i need to build a dns server to convert my address to a fqdn uri?

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  • OK, yesterday misteriously Chrome for android started displaying webcam images with the exact same app that had refused to display it the day before. So I guess this thread could be closed.

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