How do I test shadows in C2

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  • Hey All,

    I had a plan of starting a free kick penalty game, but struck in the beginning itself. Check my previous question if you could answer. I couldn't able to succeed with that, coz moving the ball forward with a swing is not possible that easy in C2 i guess. But Nevermind.


    Question : I am testing something with shadows for some new ideas. I love the way shadows work in C2. I have figured most of it so far, but have couple of doubts...

    1. I am just using Square and circle sprites and will use solid and smooth radius shadows. Is it possible to test the shadows in the C2 itself instead of testing it in a browser.

    2. How to get best quality with shadows. Any specific tips.

    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Bumb

    Is it possible to see the shadows in the C2 itself?

  • Use node web kit to test in C2. Its the fastest way.

  • Thanks for the reply. Actually, I don't want to Run Layout or Preview via browser. I wanted to See the Shadows in the C2 working view(layout windows) itself. Is it possible?

  • I don't think that's possible, not without exporting or previewing in a browser. Might be wrong though.

  • Okay Thanks Sqeemish

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  • OKAY, Another Question related to the same topic Lights and shadows

    I am creating a game and I use many simple shapes(sprites), light and many shadows. When I debug the first level, it gives me

    80 objects - 25 FPS - 26% CPU - 15.7mb images - webgl - Is this bad or fine?

    Coz I am going to create multiple levels. 75+ levels hopefully.

    Mostly with the same sprites (pheww)

    But with different events sheets for sure for each levels.

    Is it okay or am I making mistake?

    Thanks a looooot in advancee

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