How do I test my project using cocoonJS

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  • Hi all,

    I just bought the Construct 2 personal license and very much exited and eager to create and launch games. Now I have a test game which I am trying to check it in CocoonJS Launcher, but I am getting Issues

    Here's what happened

    * Exported from Construct 2 with CocoonJS

    * Signed up with cocoonJS

    * Loaded the exported file to my dropbox

    * And finally when I try to copy and paste the link in the URL area in cocoonJS launcher in my mobile

    It gives me three options --> Run CocoonJS using Canvas+, Webview+ or Webview

    Cavnas+ loads but showing me an error, the other two goes to the dropbox.

    Note: I have check many tutorials, and in a step it says you should get "YOUR APP" option after the splash screen, but I don't get that in this new version. I am getting YOUR COCOONJS.

    Well i exported as a .apk file from cocoonjs and installed in mobile. It works fine. But I can't preview in CocoonJS Launcher.

    Help me out here

  • Anybody !!!

  • Hi there,

    If you are using dropbox links, you should add dl to the url so that it can download your file. something like this:

  • Its not clear

    Are you asking the capx file for checking the issue or

    Suggesting something else

  • No, I mean the Cocoonjs Launcher. After the loading screen you should select "Your cocoonjs", then the URL tab at the top. You will see the URL bar there and the 3 choices as you mentioned. If your zip file is stored in your dropbox, then you should add "dl" to the link of it as I wrote above so it can download and unzip the file. Then you can select the option you want according to your game's features.

  • Thanks mate....Its done. I didn't know about the "dl" thing. Your detailed explanation helped mate.

    But I am actually getting some graphical error. It didn't come when I converted into .apk and installed. Anyways I will look the source file again.

  • Why're you didn't just preview your game directly using the launcher? ... al-network

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  • That's a good idea and I am gonna try this next time.

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