How do I test multiplayer system without other person

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  • I'm reading the tutorials of how to make multiplayer games. Right now I'm going to study the chat room template. However, I don't have anyone to test it.

    So is it possible to test multiplayer games opening two versions of the project on my Pc and simulate the data traffic between two persons?

    I know that the perfect test would be with another player, but right now i'm just seeing how it works.

  • Why not try it out (perhaps with 2 different browsers). Iirc it's possible to test it even in preview.

  • mindfaQ

    But that's what I want. I just don't know how to properly test it this way.

    Edit: I tested using chrome and nw.js. Pretty nice . But I don't know if it's me testing a real multiplayer experience or a just local experience which wouldn't ever be compared to a real experience where both are miles and miles away from each other.

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  • When you open your preview in chrome, hit CTRL + Shift + N for an incognito browser and navigate to your preview address.

    This second incognito instance will act and behave like a separate browser entity, not mixing up the connections or overwriting local storage data.

  • Hello,

    When I copy the testing domain into an incognito tab or into another browser i just get a black window + "Loading..." in the tabs title.

    I'm previewing the multiplayer chat example in Construct 3.

    Anybody having the same issues?

  • Try a browser restart and clear cache and file

  • Lennaert, Thanks much for that incognito browser solution!

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