How do I Test mobile "performance" before buying C2?

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  • Hi guys. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy Construct 2 now (for creating some small games) after testing out a bunch of game engines, but is there a way to test the performance of a test game-project on android/iOS/winphone before buying the personal license? (I read they have that possibility on Stencyl). I mean I'm not the kind of guy that require 60fps with millions of sprites on screen, 'cause that's just silly. I would just want to know that the resulting games would be reasonably stable, run reasonably smoothly and that that they don't crash very easily and that sounds and music would be reasonably stable.

    If it's not possible to test with the free version, could someone kindly link me to some nice C2-created android and iOS games so I can try them out? I already found a few and most of those I tested seemed to run nicely on android but in the browser (firefox) many of the html5 games in the arcade just freeze.

    I'm also kind of worried about how much of a hassle it might be to export to android/iOS/winphone, is it a major pain to set up releasing games on these platforms? I did read the tutorials already but it's hard to know before you have done it practically.

    Any help/replies greatly appreciated.

  • Im not sure if this works on the free version. But I think so

    I'm not sure about exporting to IOS or Windows Phone. But for Android its super easy via xdk crosswalk.

    Also I can add that i thought at first that performance sucked on games exported to Android. But after i learnt a few things about improving performance and designing games the right way I'm really impressed with the performance.

  • You can get a good worst case scenario by making the game for web, hosting it on a webpage, then browsing to the game on your mobile devices web browser.

    In my experience, exporting with anything, but currently especially cocoonjs should perform quite a lot better than the web version on your mobile if your test game runs decently via the web on your mobile device, its safe to assume the final export will run better.



  • Thanks a lot for the advice and hints guys! I will try these things out so I can confidently dish out a hundred bucks.

    Btw about cocoonjs, I wonder why scirra recommends to use cordova instead of cocoonjs? They just state it in the tutorial "How to export to CocoonJS" but there's really no explanation why. I guess there's pros and cons to both?

  • Get this: ... top-0-1-2/

    Then get the phonegap preview app for on your phone

    export for html5 on c2

    create a new project in the phonegap desktop app and set its source to the "www" folder where you exported the game

    start the project

    type the ip into the phonegap app or into the web browser

  • Hey cool, thanks for the advice tuckerwagner, I'm gonna try that out!

  • my bad Datasun you actually create the project somewhere in phonegap FIRST, then export the html5 game to the "www" folder in the phonegap project, then start click the play button in the phonegap program and connect on your phone

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  • Hey thanks for clarifying man!

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