How do I test IAP?

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  • I'm using cranberry PhonegapIAP plugin and there is an error while testing IAP which makes me mad.

    I'm signed in, because there is also leaderboard+achievements and they work just fine. Here's my setup:

    • I have filled in "Android application license key" in the plugin properties in C2.
    • The game is published in Alpha version in the Google app store.
    • Created Google Group and shared opt-in link with my tester account (diffrent from my dev acc)
    • Installed the game from the store and signed in with my test acc.

    I've tried so far:

    • Create another test account.
    • Install it on another device.
    • Clean cached data from the Google Store app and restart the device.
    • Reset the device to factory setting and make clean install.

    The error is still there, I'm desperate. Can someone help me?

  • i have the same issue, with the same plugin. maybe its the plugin. Why is it better than the official one provided by scirra ?

  • I'm also curious about this as our timeline involves publishing to google play. Perhaps this is a phonegap issue?

  • i am using intell xdk for that, the problem occured with cranbeery and with the official plugin as well

  • Just an update - it's working now

    Try this fix, if you have the same setup in your game, it might work for you.

    I was using global constant variable for Google IAP ID

    Global constant text PURCHASED = "myProductID"[/code:tygizjhj]
    Then when making purchase, I passed it to the Phonegap action, but that made the error.
    [code:tygizjhj]PhonegapIAP : Purchase product = PURCHASED[/code:tygizjhj]
    Once I removed the constant and replaced every occurrence with product ID, it started to work
    [code:tygizjhj]PhonegapIAP : Purchase product = "myProductID"[/code:tygizjhj]
    It didn't work straight after the apk reupload to the store. It took about a half a day for Google servers to process it.
  • Hi Noga

    I got it working with cranberry it takes hours until you can test IAP on google play and until then you cant really test it. this is related to google servers upating the version . So uplaoding at night then testing at morning make it work

  • mailalon

    Good to hear it's working for you. Do you use variable to pass ID into the plugin action? Because for me it didn't work for days, until I changed it and put the ID straight into the action. From my experience it looks like a bug in the plugin.

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  • no i am not using a variable

  • who's told you that cranberry plugin is better than official ? and on what is better ?

    i use official on 3 games on appstore with ejecta and every thing work good

  • well i never tried ejecta so i cant tell. alll i know that it worked for me . btw, how is your experience wityh ejecta in terms of perfromance on cpmpatibiity with cordova plugins ?

  • ejecta can support admob iad gamecenter chartboost iap facebook and twitter share, browser , javascript call and more ads network if you knowhow to implement them

    performance of ejecta is much better than phonegab or other ... i don't know why people use phonegap

    just try ejecta and you will see difference

  • cool, i find xdk so easy for my level of programming it just makes the app ready for submission.

    As for "admob iad gamecenter chartboost iap facebook and twitter share, browser , javascript call and more".. do you do that with cordova plugins ?


  • yes it can be done by cordova you have to take a look for cranberry plugin

  • if that is the case i have all the plugin you mentioned . Why not using XDK ? so far the only pitfall i saw was slow performance on arm based android devices. Intel (which are only 10% of the market) works fine

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