How do I test GameCenter on my app?

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  • I've pieced together most of what I need to do to get leaderboards and achievements on my iOS app, but it seems like there's very little documentation/tutorials to help me actually implement and test these features in my code.

    I've figured out that I need a sandbox account (and have to enable this feature on my phone), so I'm now able to see the authentication banner when starting the game as well as open the leaderboards via a button. However, my scores don't seem to submit to the leaderboard and (as far as I can tell) it doesn't seem like it's picking up any leaderboards at all. I've set them all up in iTunes Connect and made sure to match the Leaderboard ID to the one I'm submitting to in Construct, so I believe everything's fine on that end.

    Do I need to do anything more than using the "Submit Score" action once logged in?

    Exported with Cordova and built with Adobe PhoneGap.

  • could anyone put any light on this as I am facing the same problem .....

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  • miketolsa I am facing the same problem as well Exported with Cordova and built with IntelXDK

  • so did anyone find an answer to this problem ?

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