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Adjusting the game screen for different resolutions (Letterbox scale)
  • Is there some kind of software or website where you can test your android app on many devices?

    I would appreciate especially screenshots from different devices in order to know whether my screen resolution is fine...

    I have already tried appthwack.com but their sreenshots are just black screens nothing more...

  • You can use Android SDK's Emulator if you have a Medium-HighEnd PC:


    Or you can simply resize the browser's tab to different resolutions (you can find devices specifications on GSMArena, PhoneArena ... etc ). This plugin for Chrome browser should help:


  • concerning that emulator, how to load the android app saved in my pc?

    btw it looks quite complicated..

  • Upload it somewhere, go to the next electronic-market and test it live and in concert! :-)

  • thats not the answer I was waiting for..

  • nothing? How u guys test your android games? I supposed you dont have all android devices at home :)

  • trance

    I start by whining to all my friends and families if I can borrow there phones. Eventually they give in to my pleading and lend their devices, or I steal it by force.

    But jokes aside, if you have used a scaling method in C2, like outter scale, letterbox scale or inner scaling then it should work on almost all devices at the same aspect ratio.

  • retrodude

    yeah I know but it also depends on the Window Size.. in Ashleys tutorial scirra.com/tutorials/73/supporting-multiple-screen-sizes

    • it says that I can set any 16:9 resolution but when I use for example 640x360 or 1024x576 it makes significant difference (empty white bars along sides) in all three android devices I own.
  • If you're not serious about your game enough to have Nexus 4/Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 on your desk simultaneously, then optimizing your game is not worth it. This is an incredibly painful process even when you develop natively, and there is no painless shortcut to it. The SDK emulator will let you know if there are stretches or gaps on certain resolution, but won't test your performance, especially on mid-end and lower devices.

    But no matter what you do, there chances for undetected device-specific bugs are nearly guaranteed.

    My story: 3 days post-launch, I was freaked out that my game was horribly broken on 1920 x 1280, just because a friend let me borrow his tablet. I also got a deal on 100%Indie, but unable to take advantage of it because of a Samsung-specific bug that was absent from the 7 devices I tested on.

    You'd just have to deal with it.

  • trance have you asked the appthwack team, why it shows only black screens? does it atleast work on one your device?

    this seems a good online emulator


    a cloud based testing platform seems to be a good option, question is, does it work like it should? is it affordable(for starters)

    more are popping up



  • vtrix

    no I didnt, it shows only LUDEI logo on the 1st screenshot and black screen on the 2nd one.

    conecring manymo.com/emulators I have already tried this but I couldnt figure out how to open my .apk project, everytime I try to open it after the instalation it says "Unfortunately, (app) has stopped"

    Anyway, can someone explain something to me? In Ashleys tutorial Supporting multiple screen sizes - he says that instead of 1280x720 res. I should target the 16:9 aspect ratio, but 1280x720 IS 16:9 ratio right? So I could let my windows size 1280x720?

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  • trance there are a lot of people, if there is an issue with cocoonjs, they get a black screen, so probably its the app that is corrupt

    1280x720 is indeed 16:9 > 1280/16*9=720

  • in that case I dont get that advice :)

    "instead of 1280x720 rather target 16:9 ratio" so instead of 1280x720 I can use 1280x720 ?

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